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Haruhi Suzumiya Fanfiction

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Okay, so I wrote this having no idea what the fifth book was, which I'm reading now. I was supposed to turn this in to shugo chara community for a contest, but I think they cancelled it. So I'm gonna put it here if that's alright. any suggestions or comments are great. (be gentle on comments because this my first time writing a fanfiction. but I hope you enjoy it.) (literature)

The SOS Brigade's Winter of Fun,Mysteries, and Remembrance!

As I opened the door to the clubroom I felt good about this party. As I entered I had a warm welcome. As expected, Haruhi forced Asahina to wear the Santa Claus outfit instead of the maid outfit. Koizumi invited me to sit next to him while Haruhi was putting finishing touches to the hot pot. Asahina served us drinks and said to wait a little bit longer before we reveal Haruhi's hot pot. I just realized that Haruhi let Nagato see what was in the hot pot. Haruhi probably thought Nagato wouldn't say anything. When I tried asking she replied "..." and started to read. I was still thinking about the mess I had to clean up, especially the stuff on the window. Even though I get dragged along by Haruhi, I'm the one who chose this world so there are no regrets. Asahina gave us a bowl of rice as an appetizer before Haruhi called us for the unveiling of the hot pot. There is no doubt that everyone, besides Nagato, has been waiting. Wow! we all said. It had ribeye steak, pork, and cooked vegetables. Everyone grabbed alot and started to eat. Nagato was finished and went out for thirty minutes. I asked where she went and she said, "For a walk." I was still curious and asked Koizumi. He said he had no clue. I guess it wasn't a big deal. Haruhi allowed Asahina to change back because we started eating. It took Asahina about five minutes to change without Haruhi manhandling her. A new record on timing.
I'm glad I joined, well more like forced into, this club. I would not of had many adventures and other events that fall into supernatural. ( a flashback occurs) Like the time Nagato saved me from Asakura. I probably wouldn't be here if it weren't for Nagato, but I shouldn't rely on her too much. The baseball tournament was an unfair win. The time we got stuck in a dimension because of the SOS sign. The movie film we created for the festival and other reasons. When we had the endless eight days exactly the same almost. When Asahina lost her TPPD, I met the older Asahina again, I figured out I was the one who helped Haruhi make the signs on the top of the building, and we met a Nagato who was on standby and was waiting for three years. The time when Haruhi and I were trapped in a closed space. The time we had a fake murder made up by Koizumi and the people at the villa. I can still remember the day Haruhi dragged me in this clubroom and made Nagato, Asahina, and I members. Haruhi just happened to grab Koizumi because he was a transfer student. Everyone apparently was observing her from a distance and said that it was a surprise Haruhi got them all together. They said that it was because Haruhi wished it so and that if trouble came, it would come to me first. We always handle it though.(suddenly, the flashback stops)
Then, Haruhi said, "Kyon! Get over here!" She said I was supposed to help her after we were all finished. We all ate until we were full. Although, we had no more leftovers. Asahina left an hour after she finished. Koizumi left thirty minutes after Asahina, and Nagato stayed and helped us clean up. I'm glad I wasn't the only one doing the cleaning. At least Haruhi took responsibility. We all left at 11:30 PM leaving us thirty minutes to get back home in time for Christmas. Haruhi and Nagato wished me a Merry Christmas and we went our separate ways. I walked back home in time. Once I got in bed I thought to myself "Merry Christmas" at midnight. I hope to get a lot of sleep before my sister wakes me up. (And that's how the party went on December 24)

Good Morning! my sister said. Kyon! get up! I'm not going to wait for you. At that moment, she tried to drag me out of my bed until I fell out. Kyon! Did you realize there's snow!? she said. I was half asleep to notice anything. Maybe I should tell Nagato and see her reaction. Everyone called me to wish my sister and I a Merry Christmas. My sister and I opened our presents. My sister got a decent looking toy in my opinion, and all I got was clothes. I was expecting it. Everyone stopped by my house and gave me each a gift. Nagato gave me a book and said I should read it. It was the size of a dictionary! Asahina came by and gave me a pair of mittens and a scarf. I thanked her kindly and she left. Aah, Asahina. Thinking of what will happen if I might freeze to death. Koizumi gave me Othello and said that I should teach my sister. Haruhi and gave me a thing like hers with Brigade Chief written on it. She said I'm allowed to boss my sister all I want today with me being Brigade Chief for today. I offered candy to everyone who came, but they said they'll pass. Nagato put a bookmark in my book. It said that she wants me to at her apartment for Haruhi reasons in an hour. I came to her apartment and she gave me tea to settle down and relax. I finally asked what was happening now. Nagato said that the Integration Thought Entity were going to take her for her punishment once schools starts again.
I asked if there was a way to prevent this. Nagato said "This is unpreventable and I must accept what I did." I was thinking if they would let her come back to earth. Nagato also said it'd be better if she wasn't on Earth, since she'll have more "bugs", meaning emotions. She doesn't understand that, but she will eventually. I said that if she didn't then I would do like I said. I would tell Haruhi everything including I'm John Smith. Nagato said she has plenty of time before she has to go. I was worried. I wonder if Nagato knew this was happening and decided to tell me in advance to not worry. Once school starts I bet Nagato can somehow use her powers to have an excuse on why she isn't here for the time being. I can't be sure if Haruhi would be that upset,since Nagato isn't a lively member, but I do know she will try to find Nagato because she still is a member. Leave anything to Haruhi. I wonder if Asahina and Koizumi know about what's going on. That must have been why she was out at the Christmas party. She was discussing with the Integration Thought Entity about her punishment. Nagato probably doesn't tell me what happens for my own protection. Nagato said, " Be careful during this break." I wonder what that means. All I know is that it means trouble is coming. After that, I tried to forget and played Othello with my sister. It was still on my mind. I just couldn't get over the fact that was all real. Oh well, I guess a good night sleep will help me clear my mind. That was an interesting Christmas.

The next morning at 8;00 AM, Haruhi called. "Kyon! You don't have plans do you? Great! Koizumi invited everyone for a trip to a cabin in the mountains for a few days! If you don't meet us by noon, Late Fee for You! See ya!" She didn't even let me answer. How does she know I don't have any plans?! Oh well, everyone will be there so I can relax with everyone somehow. I pack my things and get ready to meet them. As I gathered my things I realized it was quiet. My sister tried to hide, but was seen. Although I couldn't leave her alone since no one else was here. She probably overheard. I came at least ten minutes early and I still get a late fee because everyone came before me. There was a restaurant near Kyo Station. Haruhi made me pay lunch for everyone. After we all eat we got on a cable car to get to the cabin.
I wonder how Koizumi has these expensive places from "relatives." The cable car was small, but big enough to hold everyone in. My sister was excited cause' on the way, it was snowing. Nagato was watching the snow at least for a minute, then started reading. We all discussed what we would do and how to get to settled. Haruhi said she would get the key from the manager to the cabin so we could get in. Why do we need a key if this is Koizumi's place? Oh, because Koizumi asks someone to keep the key so he doesn't lose it, Haruhi said. Sure. The cabin was something you could see maybe as a picture for a puzzle. It was glistening with snow on the roof and ground. I asked how long we would be staying here. Haruhi said four days and three nights. Haruhi said Koizumi was allowed to have this place only when it's winter. Everyone was dressed well to not freeze. Asahina had on tights, a velvet red sweater, wool mittens, a big red bow in her hair, a matching skirt, a scarf, and a long pink jacket. I'm very surprised for Nagato to not have the winter uniform on. You couldn't see anything, but she had a brown jacket that covers almost her whole body, and a scarf. The only things you could see on Koizumi was a green jacket, brown pants, and earmuffs. Haruhi had a white puffy jacket, the same thing, velvet feel, Asahina had but in a skirt, white tights, a scarf, and yellow earmuffs. I was just in my jacket that I wore all winter with the scarf and mittens the dear Asahina gave me. As well as a wool sweater and earmuffs just in case. My sister was just in a fluffy velvet red dress with white earmuffs, tights, scarf, mittens, and a jacket. Haruhi finally came back and had the key. I asked why it took so long and she hesitated. Haruhi was like, "...Uhhh...Oh! Because, it was a long walk." I'll believe her for now so whatever.

We walked in and found the place huge and luxurious, just like the summer villa. There was a kitchen,a living room with a sofa, and a little fridge. There were four rooms including the entrance room. Each room had two bunk beds. We decided by drawing sticks it'd be Koizumi and I in one room,luckily, Nagato and Asahina in another, and Haruhi and my sister in the last. We thought we'd all use the extra bunk bed in the rooms to put our luggage on. We were all settled in and decided to grab some lunch. We decided with whoever got the red mark on the toothpick, then they would pay. My sister got the red mark and Haruhi said since that wasn't fair, the sibling should pay. A twist thinking I'd get a break. You'd think that sometimes. Well, as expecting, everyone got more than they need. We took the leftovers saving it for dinner. Once we got back a blizzard started, but would probably stop the tomorrow morning.
We all gathered in the living room and brought in the few games we packed to play like cards and Othello. We also played the game where you say I Love You like we did during summer. After all of that, it was 11:00 PM and we were all about to go to bed until Haruhi turned on a flashlight and said, "Anyone up for a scary story before bed?" Asahina and my sister shrieked. Koizumi said he didn't mind. I was thinking just don't scare my sister enough to see weird things and then can't go to bed. Once the story was over, Asahina was under the covers and my sister was under the bed. Koizumi had a smirk on his face and Nagato reacted how she usually does, "....". I wasn't scared, since I've heard it before. Haruhi then disturbed the eerie feeling with a pillow fight between the girls while Koizumi and I played cards. Nagato just walked away from the pillow fight and read. We stayed up until 12:00 AM then went to sleep.

Early in the morning,while everyone else was asleep, I heard a scream. It was coming from Asahina's or Haruhi's room. As I ran to both rooms, I felt a shadow running through the walls. I guess it was my imagination. Although, it felt real, and giving me chills down my back. As I went into Haruhi's room, all I saw was her headband on her bed. My sister was asleep though. Asahina wasn't there either in her room. I found Nagato asleep. I went back to my room thinking this is strange. This could be real because it's not like the villa with the "Agency." I should tell everyone tomorrow morning and see if they know of this. I told them all the next morning and Koizumi looked rather surprised and said he had no clue. My sister said she hasn't seen either of them since last night. Nagato's reaction was the same. Well, I said we should figure out what would've happened between 12:00 AM and 4:00 AM. I said we should discuss this over lunch. We couldn't think how this happened and why. Some people didn't eat the leftovers yesterday at dinner, so we ate them instead. I don't remember Haruhi or Asahina eating their leftovers last night, but they're not in the fridge. My sister probably snuck a late night snack or something. We asked the manager if they've seen either of them. He said not since Haruhi came to pick up the key. We were pondering the whole day trying to figure it out, but we got nowhere. It was just another normal, quiet and peaceful day. It was no fun though. I walked around the cabin and seemed to hear Haruhi's and Asahina's voice. I felt like as I walked around, I saw shadows of Haruhi and Asahina talking to each other. It was probably an illusion. Two days have already passed, including our first night, and we have two days left. I found Haruhi and Asahina at the store, or at least I thought. When I came back, the door was unlocked. It was weird because Haruhi was the one with the key. She didn't let anyone else carry it. I also found food I don't remember getting in the fridge. We just went to sleep with one day left. At 1:00 AM, I heard someone in the fridge. It was Haruhi and Asahina! What just happened? I stared long and hard at Haruhi, as Haruhi gave me a look like she was caught by the police. Asahina was about to faint on the spot. Haruhi patted Asahina on the back and said "Mikuru-chan. We've been caught." We all assembled and Haruhi gave out the truth. Haruhi planned this scheme for a scare. I think her reason was because she was expecting her story to make us all cower. Was this just getting back? Haruhi said she got this cabin for the whole plan. Truth be told, this wasn't Koizumi's place at all. Apparently, she asked everyone we asked about them to keep quiet. Asahina said, "I'm sorry, I just sorta played along with it." I can't stay mad at Asahina. The clues did give me a hint. The food I'd seen in the fridge we didn't buy, the door being unlocked, hearing and seeing Haruhi and Asahina, and me actually seeing them in the store. They probably hid in places, asking people to keep quiet if we passed by, and came back late to make sure we didn't hear or see them. Haruhi muttered nice job and then quietly gave me a band saying super sleuth. All is well that ends well. We spent the last night having fun like our first night, without a scary story. I wish to stay in this club and have fun with everyone while I can. I hope Nagato is having fun. I'm certain this all was meant to happen by the power of Haruhi like everything else in the world.

(Hoped you enjoyed it! This was my first time writing a fanfiction. I would only like to hear good stuff for my first time. I'll feel depressed for any comments. Thanks for understanding. I added pictures after I finished the fanfiction. I wanted to make it feel like this happened in the series with help from the pictures. Sorry, some of them might be small) By AnLi. Copywright AnLi (haha)

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