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Tatsuo Crashmatter, Defeat the Dark guild! (WIP)

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Tatsuo walked down a path yawning as he neared a tall building that loomed over the ground in the distance. Pulling out a poster from a small bag located on his back, he looked at it and then back to the building muttering, "So that's the Black Fang headquarters?" He drifted into a deep thought and didn't pay much attention causing the paper in his hand to break into pieces from his Crash Magic. He still didn't have to well control of it and would accidentally break things if his mind wandered off to much.

Yawning again as the wizard made his way to the door, instead of reaching for the entrance, he walked straight into the brick wall, causing it to bend a little and then shatter into pieces. Instantly, every being in the guild hall turned their head to look at Tatsuo. A few cracked their knuckles, others grunted, but all looked ready to fight. One walked forward with a grin on his face. He was tall and thin, with very dirty brown clothing on to match his brown spiky hair and green eyes. He had an attitude around him that showed he didn't have much respect for just about anybody. Chuckling the man asked, "Hey you, did ya come here lookin for a fight?! I won't be responsible when ya get hurt!"

Lifting his palm, and egg shot out and towards Tatsuo's face. Dodging it with ease, the egg landed on the wall behind him and caught on fire. Sighing, the wizard walked towards the enemy and punched him in the face, knocking the poor boy unconscious. "Stay there for a bit while I take care of your friends..."

Taking out most of the normal & Adept mages with little effort, Tatsuo now faced his real challenge. Fighting this guilds S-Class equivalent and their master! Taking a step forward, four figures could be seen through the thin layer of dust that had been created from Tatsuo pulverizing most of the guild itself. The first three walked towards him. Two men and a women, each wore a different color; red, blur, and yellow. Getting into a stance he said, "I really do hope you're stronger than the rest of your guild..."

Instantly the woman, who was wearing a blue dress that contrasted red hair and green eyes, disappeared. Teleportation Magic! Appearing behind him, she put her fists together and the above her head while saying, "Ice Make: Spear..."

A large spear of ice appeared in her hands and she threw it, aiming to pierce Tatsuo through the heart. He only smiled and shook his head. As the spear neared his body, it seemed to evaporate into thin air and the wizard put his hand out behind him.

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