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The Karu Islands{Sign Ups}

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A man stepped outside of a wooden cottage, the warm rays of the sun hitting his face and causing him to protect his eyes with his arms for a few brief seconds. Lowering his protective shield, two aqua marine eyes squinted and adjusted to the yellow light streaming down from above. Taking a few more steps, he rounded a corner, making way down a dirt road. At the end of this humble path, the quaint town our fellow came out of vanished and turned into a golden beach, situated by a vast turquoise sea. A warm ocean breeze rolled in, causing the peaceful palm trees to sway gently in it's wake. Taking a seat on a old log, our brown haired friend looked up and smiled. "Welcome to The Karu Islands."

The Karu Islands are a group of islands huddled in the middle of a gigantic ocean, there has never been any violence, war or crime here. All is at peace. One would expect this story to be where that is proven wrong, but it is actually the opposite. Everything seems a little, too peaceful. Is it your imagination, or is there really something wrong? Open the doors to this new world and find out for yourself.


[b]Skills:[/b]{Up to 5, martial arts, kendo, detective abilities, nothing supernatural,etc}

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