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Dragon Ball Neos: Sign Ups

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1Dragon Ball Neos: Sign Ups  Empty Dragon Ball Neos: Sign Ups on Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:59 am


Dragon Ball Neos

Dragon Ball Neos: Sign Ups  Goku_super_saiyan_5_by_el_maky_z-d5q1w1v

Welcome to the world of Dragon Ball Neos, things are a bit different here. This roleplay takes place not in the future, not in the past, not in an alternate universe, but at the exact same time as the original Dragon Ball Z anime. We're going to be sending Goku and friends some extra help, or maybe you'll fight for evil, who knows. You will be given a beginning power level when you start, the later you join, the lower it is and the harder you have to train. The current time is the gap between Trunks' warning and the androids appearance.



Race:{Saiyan, Human, Namekian, Frieza-type, Android}
Power Level: {Will be filled in after being accepted}
Home Planet: {Earth, Namek, Vegeta, etc}
Current Residence:
Brief History:
{Make it short, just enough so that we know who you are and why you're here.}
Transformation/s: {For Humans and Saiyans, you may only start with Kaio-Ken up to X10, Super Saiyan and other forms you must train to unlock or perform missions for. Namekians can start with Giant form. Frieza-types have up to 4 transformations, 5 through special mission}
Abilities: {You may use abilities from Canon, and you are allowed up to 15 abilites to start with, you can learn more as time goes on}


Name: Lance
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Personality: Lance is cocky, but he also takes his opponents seriously, knowing that a lucky blow could be between him and him hitting the floor. He's also very protective of his comrades, even if he sucks at showing it. He doesn't have a tail, so he cannot transform into a great ape. His power level isn't that high due to the peaceful times he had on Yardrat, so he's working to change that.
Dragon Ball Neos: Sign Ups  Jack_the_new_savior_by_sasuderuto-d52w6gv
Race: Saiyan
Power Level: 90,000
Home Planet: Yardrat
Current Residence: Earth
Brief History: He comes from the Planet Yardrat, having been sent there to destroy it, but since Lance was never loyal to Frieza to begin with, he secretly stayed there and trained with the Yardrats, picking up the Instant transmission technique along the way. After Goku arrived and stayed with them for a brief time, he decided to follow Goku to this "Earth". Lance arrived on Earth shortly after Trunks defeated Frieza and King Cold, he met up with the other Z fighters and quickly learned some of their techniques, he had no grudge against them, having sensed the battle where Frieza had died and knew that these people were behind the revenge for his people. Now with the new threat of the androids, he trains along the others in hopes of defeating them.




Galick Gun
Destructo Disc
Spirit Ball
Instant Transmission
Double Galick Gun
Full Power Energy Volley
Ki Sense
Dragon Throw
Wolf Fang Fist

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Name: Ace
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Personality: Ace’s personality is difficult to discern, he can be quite polite yet ruthless in the blink of an eye, is manipulative with a very dangerous nature. His is a Saiyan with a dry sense of humor and enjoys playing mind games with his enemies and allies. Ace has a hard time trusting anyone including his own race at times being he realizes everyone has their own agenda and he doesn’t need to have an interest in it until those he meets feels he should know. Ace is one of the many Saiyans still around that have their tail, but he has absolute control over transforming into a great ape. His power level isn’t considered weak or insanely strong yet he doesn’t show his true peak unless pushed well beyond his own normal measures.

Appearance: Dragon Ball Neos: Sign Ups  44d2e8e06402a9d7b3e62f6a73cc4667


Power Level: 85,000
Home Planet:{Vegeta}
Current Residence: Earth
Brief History: He comes from the planet Vegeta, it was said only a rough handful were scattered on various missions as babies prior to the wipeout of the planets destruction by Frieza fearing a saiyan becoming a super saiyan. Ace was about the same age as prince vegeta at the time and being ordered by the King then to be a personal guard to his son but also leave to conquer other planets with a group of his own when needed be. It was around some time before Goku left to earth and his son left to do their own missions through cooperation with Frieza that Ace was assigned on a mission with a few of his own henchmen to take out a few lower level planets on orders of the King and return once the mission was a success.

Taking longer than it should have, Ace did not arrive back towards his Planet’s location for quite some time. And when he was done he lost his own henchmen in the process of the missions he took on and he grew into a full man and attain his power natural power level and abilities that most driven warriors of the saiyan race is capable of. Fragments of something lingered in the wake of his planets demise since the saiyan pods have the technological advancements to measure materials over a vast time that passes. Taking him on a hunt to find this Frieza and stopping along the way to train in each of the planets, Ace continued to grow like a raging demon on a mission to destroy this monster.

Arrival on earth was around the time the Androids were already well within their ranges of fighting the Z Fighters and Ace could already sense powerful warriors but since he arrived somewhere deep in Egypt he knew he’d have to travel fast to reach the action.

Transformation/s: None at this time

Ki Blast
Final Revenger
Flash Spirit
Super Energy Wave Volley
Full Power Energy Ball
Final Spirit Cannon
Wild Sense
Last Riot Javelin
Afterimage Technique
Calamity Blaster
Kill Driver
Pulse Drive

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Approved. Your starting power level will be 85,000. You may edit that into your post.

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